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Denver Broncos Dog Bandana
Denver Broncos Dog Bandana

Denver Broncos Dog Bandana

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High quality, handmade bandanas designed with a built-in sleeve for the collar to feed through. No tying necessary! 6 sizes available.

Size Length Neck Size (inches) Pet Approx. Weight
Extra Large 15"  22.5"-30" 75 lbs +
Large 12" 18"-24" 45-75 lbs
Medium 10.25" 15"-20.5" 20-45 lbs
Small 8" 12"-16" 10-20 lbs
Extra Small 6.5" 9.75"-13" 5-10 lbs
Petite 5" 7.5"-10" 1-5 lbs

Sizing Instructions: Measure the current length of your pet's collar. A good fit for the bandana is anywhere between halfway to three quarters of the total collar length. Lean more towards the bigger size if two fall under that category.

Example: Abby has a collar length of 12 in. A good size would be a Small. Extra Small is also within the size range.

Note: Not all bandanas will look identical to the one pictured due to the pattern of the fabric.
Due to the variety of monitor settings, the actual color may slightly differ than the ones shown.