All Natural Dog Treats

All of our treats are baked with organic, human grade ingredients and handcrafted in small batches to ensure that we deliver the best product...EVERY TIME. When building our recipes we wanted to bring a dog treat that was not only delicious, but functional. Meaning, we researched and picked ingredients that provided numerous health benefits and didn't just act as fillers. 

You won't find any corn, bone meal, meat byproducts or harmful preservatives on any of our ingredients lists. In fact, the only things we use for preservation in our treats are rosemary and sage. 

You WILL find things such as:

Steel cut oats: high in protein which is a dog's source of energy; keeps cholesterol levels down; rich in iron, manganese, zinc and B vitamins. Read more here.

Flaxseed: loaded with omega 3s and 6s; can improve cardiovascular health; excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Read more here.

Apples: low in calories; high in fiber; antioxidant. Read more here.

Peanut Butter: an excellent source of protein; heart healthy fats; vitamins B and E; Xylitol Free. Read more here


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